Signs You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted on: 20 April 2023

As soon as you get arrested for a crime, convicted or not, you need to make sure you have the right legal help to walk you through your situation. Even if you have made bail and are awaiting a court date or trial, you are not off the hook yet and you should heavily consider at least consulting with a criminal defense attorney. In several cases, there may be one or more hearings you have to go through before you resolve your situation — and even if you plan on pleading guilty, you must hire someone who is skilled in criminal defense law (or ask for a defense attorney to be provided to you if you cannot afford one).

If you cannot decide if you need to hire a criminal defense attorney or not, then odds are, you need one. Here are signs you should get one.

You have a prior record

Just because you have made your amends and have no current issues with the law outside your most recent legal one doesn't mean that your priors don't have an impact on your situation now. Your criminal defense attorney will help you go through your case history to create the best defense strategy for your situation. This is especially important if you are being charged with a crime similar to one you have been convicted of in the past.

You are on probation (felony or misdemeanor)

If you violate probation by getting arrested again, you can be in for some serious issues without legal aid. It's best to call your criminal defense attorney to see how they can assist you in lessening your sentence or help you with a plea deal in order to get the best outcome for your criminal case.

Even if you are willing to accept your sentencing and don't want to fight your charges, hire a criminal defense attorney. Part of their job is to ensure you are fairly represented, on top of allowing you to feel confident in how the case is going and be fully aware of what is going on. They can also remind you of scheduled court dates and hearings and help you get set up for drug court and other classes that may be assigned to you as part of your sentencing.

If you're unsure as to what to do about your case, then check with a professional in criminal defense law. They can help you get started on a good defense for your criminal case.