When Help From A Divorce Attorney Is A Smart Idea

Posted on: 13 January 2021

Some divorces end up being easy to deal with and thus don't require legal assistance from an attorney. Then there are some divorces that are stressful and filled with challenges. Here are a couple of situations when help from a divorce attorney might be in everyone's best interest. 

Joint Custody Is Not an Option

If children are going to be involved in this divorce, what to do about their custody is something you want to work out early on. If your partner is not equipped to be a parent or they might be a danger to your child or simply don't have the time to reasonably take care of them, joint custody may not be a feasible option.

Instead, you may need to seek sole custody. In this case, you'll need to hire a divorce attorney because of the legal hoops you'll have to jump through, especially if the other partner contests the sole custody that you're seeking. 

Complicated Assets 

If you only have a couple of different types of assets, then managing them during a divorce may not be difficult at all. However, if you have all kinds of assets ranging from stocks to real estate, then you'll want to get advice from a divorce lawyer.

They handle the division of assets all of the time and can ensure each asset type is managed appropriately for both parties involved. This is an effective way of ensuring fairness when asset distribution eventually comes up throughout a divorce.

Vindictive Spouse

When divorces aren't going according to plan, sometimes it's because one party is being purposefully vindictive. They want to cause as much difficulty and pain for you even though you may be coming to the table with reasonable requests and honest intentions.

If you're in this spot, it's just best to let a divorce attorney deal with this party so that you don't have to worry about a drag-out divorce process. They'll mediate and help difficult topics get worked out one way or another. You may not even have to be in the same room with the other partner, which is a relief if they're just trying to cause you as much stress as possible. 

When you run into trouble with a divorce and solutions don't seem that easy anymore, divorce attorneys can provide a hand. That can alleviate a lot of pressure and ensure the right things are done moving forward.