Signs You Need a Family Law Attorney Regarding Agreed-Upon Custody

Posted on: 28 July 2020

When you have a custody agreement between you and the other parent of your children, the thought of hiring legal assistance isn't at the forefront of your mind. However, some signs will indicate that a family law attorney can be beneficial to you. Here is a look at just three of those signs. 

1. The other parent is unreliable

Is the other parent unreliable when it comes to taking your children for their agreed-upon time? Are they not present when they should be, or constantly change the arrangement of child custody so it's hard to arrange work and school on your own time?

On the other end of the spectrum, are you wanting more time with your children, and the other parent is neglecting your wishes or the wishes of your children? If any child neglect or abuse is suspected in either situation, call emergency services right away and call a family law attorney to assist you in filing a more realistic and fair custody arrangement.

2. The other parent is uncooperative

Is the other parent fighting you over who should pay for daycare when everyone is working? Are they arguing over where the kids should go to school or who gets the kids for what holidays? Are they even being uncooperative regarding taking your children in for routine healthcare? If you are constantly trying to figure out who is responsible for what with your children, then hire a family law attorney to assist you.

A family law attorney will go over your divorce order — if applicable — as well as the child custody order to see what your rights are with your children regarding the concerns you have. In many cases, all you need is a family law attorney and a mediator to help you and the other parent better communicate and come to legal agreements that work out best for your children.

3. The other parent is fighting child support

You or the other parent can modify child support at any time by proving to the courts that the financial situation of either parent or the financial needs of the children involved has changed greatly. If the other parent is fighting child support by either demanding more money or refusing to pay, don't try to get funds personally; hire a family law attorney to assist you in making the child support your children receive clear and fair, regardless of who is to pay and who is to receive it.