How Can A Child Custody Attorney Help You?

Posted on: 17 March 2020

Divorce is often complicated. It can become even more complicated when children are involved. In some cases, custody arrangements can be settled outside of court. However, when there's a dispute, both parents may need to take additional steps to resolve it. If you find yourself involved in a custody dispute, you may need a lawyer to represent your interests. Here is what a child custody attorney can do to help you:

1. Help you see your kids more often

If your ex-spouse is trying to move far away with the kids, you may be concerned about no longer being able to see your children. Kids have a right to a relationship with both of their parents. If your former spouse is trying to do something that would violate your current custody agreement, you may need to take them to court. A child custody attorney will help you clearly present your case.

2. Help you protect your kids' best interests

Parents usually seek sole custody when they think their ex-spouse is a danger to themselves or others. If your ex-spouse is engaged in dangerous behavior such as drug use, or if you have reason to believe they are abusive, you should contact a child custody attorney at once. Your attorney will help you build a case that shows your ex is an unfit parent. You need legal aid to keep yourself and your kids safe in situations where violence is a present concern.

3. Represent you during alternative dispute resolution

Going to court can be upsetting for children, so taking your case to court should be a last resort. Some disputes can be resolved in alternative dispute resolution, which is closer to mediation than an actual court case. During ADR, it's not uncommon for both parents to have their own legal representation. Even if you decide to work through your custody dispute in ADR, it's wise to have a child custody attorney there who is on your side.

4. Ensure you understand the terms of your custody agreement

Once a custody agreement is reached, you are legally bound to respect it. Breaking your custody agreement, even out of ignorance, can come with serious repercussions. Your child custody attorney will make sure you understand the terms of your custody agreement. They can explain legal terms that may be unclear to laypeople. Feel free to ask your attorney questions if there's an aspect of the arrangement that is unclear to you.

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